Our Idea

The 3o are just everyday people who love to travel. Just like you, they work from 9 to 5 with salaries that does not do them justice. But none of that stop them from doing what they love. They believe that the most valuable lessons in life can never be expressed in black and white or even in your instagram account, but must be experienced.  The trio hopes that by sharing their experiences the practical way through T3o, they can inspire people to step out and explore the world.

How we began?

T3o was created out of the obvious reason of common interest in travelling. The trio met in a loud law lecture hall, having no idea that they could one day travel together. They had their own circle of friends and weekend activities. But one weekend changed it all. The three of them came up with an idea of a weekend trip out-of-town and that was when more weekend trips happened. Friends found it hard to lepak with them as they would be busy wandering the streets. Just like that, the trio found themselves enjoying each other’s company although personality-wise, none of them resembles the other. 

After the 3o completed their studies, adulthood takes them to different paths and directions but they always talked about taking a major trip together. It took them 9 months to plan out their Melbourne – Tasmania trip which turned out to be the best trip ever (for now). 

The idea of T3o came about after the trio returned from their trip to Melbourne. They were asked a lot of questions, tips and tricks about the weather, what to wear and also their itineraries. Truth be told, there will never be the perfect travelling advice / tips as every single individual travels in his/ her own different way. What suits them may not suit others liking. Nonetheless, just live up the mojo, "just pack and go".

Who are we?

Lisa (@lisaaq_) the explorer is the talking-machine of T3o. She loves to start conversations with random strangers and click instantly with anybody she just met. She’s a foodie who appreciates street food and a wanderer who spends her days virtually travelling with @funforlouis. She is the go-to travel buddy and a good company to have in every trip. She travels the world in her Kedahan slang, which you will never get tired of. Lisa is always in high spirit, easy going and is up for a night even in a sleeping bag. She looks for the beauty even in the smallest space. She vows to burp around the world and the seven seas. 

Meck ( @meckomecky) is the shutterbug among the T3o who started becoming an enthusiastic photographer during her 1-year stay in Melbourne. Inspired by Australia’s famous  @laurenepbath, 1 cup of passion and 2 tablespoons of talent, her Instagram photos have been featured in  @australia and  @tasmania. Meck is a travel addict and a nature lover who is always in the look-out for the best photos of places to share with her small fractions of Instagram followers. Apart from her lame jokes and clumsiness, she's a reliable and efficient trip planner. As an appreciation to AirAsia, her favourite quote is ‘Now everyone can travel’ and that is what she wants to achieve with T3o. 

Shazlina ( @shazlinacunana) is an avid (read constant) traveler. Known to have a young heart with an old soul, Shazlina loves to show her appreciation towards vintage and batik prints in all her travels. When travelling, you can count on Shazlina to have all the essentials from Lomotil pills while in India, to the best lipstick that suits your photo background. She’s the only licensed diver in T3o, you can find her roaming around the island with a “teh ais” in one hand and her diving gear in the other, looking for the best diving spot in the island. She would like to explore the other side of the story of every places she travels. Her favourite quotes would be any lines in Damien Rice’s songs. 

The 3o's bucket list includes a road trip to Iceland, Alberta and to catch a glimpse of the magical aurora.
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