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Krabi Weekend Getaway

Places:  Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach, Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon, Hotspring, Krabi Town Night Market, Phi Phi Island Snorkeling Trip.
Date: 17 October- 19 October 2014
Suitable for: Solo Traveller, Groupies and Family Vacationers
Duration: 3 days 2 nights
Basic costs:  RM 627 per person including return flight, accommodation, activities and ground transportation.

Day 1

Kuala Lumpur - Krabi

3 days 2 nights at Ananta Burin Resort. Superior room for 3 person. ( Click to view the room)

RM412 per person for AirAsiaGo return flight and accommodation


The idea of discovering Krabi came after we searched for a place to celebrate a bachelorette vacation for a dear friend. After positive reviews from friends, we purchased the flight tickets inclusive of accommodation from AirAsiaGoThere are a number of hotels listed under Air Asia based on your preferences and budget. What really convenient about this is that you are able to book your flight and accommodation in one go for a very economical budget. The cost can be lesser depending on your choice of flight time and cheaper accommodation.

- THE ACCOMMODATION: Ananta Burin Resort is located between Ao Nang and Noppharathara Beach. Walking distance to everything, you just name it. There are a lot of restaurants, massage services, grocery stores and souvenir shops around the corner. As for the room, it was big enough for the 3 of us and the hotel has free wifi at the lobby. 

- OTHER OPTION: Book the accommodation directly from the hotel's website. Lisa went to Krabi with her family few weeks after the Bachelorette party. She stayed at a different hotel - Krabi Timber House which she booked online, directly at their website here. She took the Superior Family Room which can fit 4 people for 1700 Baht per night. With 40 sq. m. room, free wifi, swimming pool, breakfast and not to forget, easy access to halal food. Plus, same as the resort above, its location is in between 2 beaches i.e. Ao Nang and Noppharathara Beach.

Halal food sold on motorbikes and stalls are available within walking distance from Timber House right at the junction beside the hotel.

1 hour and 25 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi

45 minutes bus ride from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang Beach 150 Baht per person

- Touching down the airport, there are 2 forms of transportation available to get you to your respective hotel. Other option besides the bus is the taxi that charges 600 Baht for one car which took you 30 minutes. No worries as the bus ride is one comfortable ride.

Half day tour package to Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon, Hot spring and transportation back and forth to Krabi Town Nite Market 
600 Baht per person

Entrance fee to Emerald Pool and Blue Lagoon 
200 Baht per person

Entrance fee to the Hot spring inclusive parking 
100 Baht per person


- TOUR PACKAGE: We started off our so called Bachelorette Vacation strolling down Ao Nang Beach looking for the best package to go to the Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon and the Hot Spring. There are a lot of packages and tour available along the Ao Nang Beach with different prices. It is recommended for you to survey the prices and negotiate for the best deal. 

- OTHER OPTION: Hire a car with driver. Lisa hired a car with a driver to the Emerald Pool and Hotspring for 4200 Baht per car. The cars that are available for hire can be found in front of the hotel, you can survey and choose the best price. Pick up at the hotel was at 10 am and dropped off was at 7 pm for dinner with stops at few places along the way - night market and street food are the best. 

The 150 Baht bus ride from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang.

The entrance to the Emerald Pool.

It took us more or less about 45 minutes to reach the Emerald Pool and Blue Lagoon from Ao Nang. There will be two stops along your walk which is the Emerald pool and the Blue Lagoon. Our personal advise would be don't be too quick to settle down for Emerald Pool. Sure this is the only pool swimmable there but the gem of this place would be the Blue Lagoon which will take you about 15 minutes more of walking depending on your pace after the Emerald Pool stop.

One of the view from the walk, Sra Kaew or the Crystal Pool.

Don't forget to have a glance of the nature surrounding you.

Watch your footstep for the beautiful color tones of the leaves.

The Emerald Pool Trip involved a lot of  walking but this is one of the places in Krabi you don't want to miss out because of the amazing green view along your stroll. Nature lover would love this place as it is so breath taking staring at the Blue Lagoon once you reach it. Take your time admiring at the nature that this place offers while walking down the pavement before splashing yourself at the Emerald Pool for a dip.

360 degrees of the Emerald Pool from inside the pool.

The Blue Lagoon. One word: Enchanted.

No swimming is allowed at the Blue Lagoon because of the quicksand. It will suck you in. But sweat not, you have another cool thing to do there, that is to clap your hands. Yeap. You can immediately see the mud at the bottom of the pool starts to bubble up. After tremendous amount of taking pictures of the enchanted Blue Lagoon we forced ourselves to head back and proceed our journey to the Hotspring. The car ride to the  Hotspring from the Emerald Pool took us about 20 minutes to reach. The Hotspring is another spot in Krabi to go to. It only takes you a 10 minutes walk from the entrance to the hot pool.

Namtok Ron Khlong Thom, The waterfall. The roots from hundred-year trees form the pools. The pools are not slippery or mossy. No "eww" moment for me.

The water from the hot spring flows into the cold river.

Though Krabi has been a wet town since we landed, the hot spring compliments our wet Day 1 in Krabi because we manage to experienced ourselves dipping in the hot pool while it rains. The feeling was an amazing one to be in a hot tub while the rain was pouring down your skin. This Hotspring has proper facilities of changing room and toilet. For the night activities, we decided to go to the Krabi Town Night Market. Transportation to the night market is available at Ao Nang either by Tut Tut, taxi or van. However, this Krabi Town Night Market is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 10pm. Be sure to head here for cheap tasty Thailand street food galore and souvenirs.  I must say, the food and souvenir here is a lot cheaper comparing to Ao Nang.

The best place to have your banana nutella pancakes fixed, Krabi Town Night Market.

Street Performances at Krabi Town Night Market.

Day 2

Journey Ao Nang - Island Hopping - Ao Nang

9 Island Hopping by speedboat
T his day trip including halal lunch

900 Baht per person


- ISLAND HOPPING: Do secure yourself for the island hopping trip a day earlier as the trip starts early in the morning the next day. Packages available along Ao Nang Beach. Prices vary according to agents and your bargaining skills. Do take your time to survey and make the best deal for the island hopping. Prices would be cheaper depending on the size of your crowd. There are several packages for the Island hopping available from four up to nine islands depending on your preferences, time and budget. You can also plan your island hopping to go to the island in Phuket. 

- OTHER OPTION: Hire a long tail boat that can fit up to 10 people for 2000 Baht per boat for island hopping and snorkeling.

The pick up services from the hotel to the Jetty.

What is really convenient about the island hopping trip is that most of the agent provides a pick up from your hotel to the Jetty. Same goes from the Jetty back to your hotel after you are done with your trip.Our island hopping trip is a comfy ride by the speedboat. Among our island hopping stops would be Bamboo Island, Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island, Monkey Island, Viking Cave and Loh Samah.

Instead of finding yourself, why don't you lose yourself.

When you reach Maya Beach be sure not to just linger around the beach where your boat parked. Head straight up  for 10 to 15 minutes walk into the beach to discover the real hidden gem of the island.

The stairs to the other side of Maya Bay.

This is certainly our favourite part of the island hopping trip. There is a net available to enable you to go down and swim at the other part of the island. Usually your boat will divert here and pick you up instead of you have to return back to the spot you arrive.

Bits and pieces of Thailand.

Viking Cave.

One of the many islands. This looked like a chicken and turtle having a conversation on the fine weather.

One of the must-stop beach is Phra Nang Beach and if you walk to the end of the beach, there's a cave known for the tale of Phra Nang goddess who lives in the cave. Locals offer wooden shaped phallic (male genitalia) in return for their safety when they go out to the sea.

Description of the Cave.

The phallic offerings.

Awang Hitam.

 Head deeper to the end of the rocky beach for a secret hideout, you can see the other side of the beach. Some tourist hiked up into another cave behind the beach but I had a full load of food in my stomach. I passed.

 The local boatmen was showing me the face of the Phra Nang Princess in the above picture. Can you help us spot the Princess because I had a headache searching for her.

Back at Ao Nang, you can head into the local village and have cheaper (by half) halal food and they also have local night market (unlike the commercialised Krabi Town night market) every Saturday night. Note that it ends at 7 pm.

Highly recommend this particular longtail vendor. Ordered padprik, ayam panggang, tom yam kung, som tam, and fried rice. Rated 5/5.

You can eat under the shady tree and they will deliver the food to you.

Our night activities involved souvenirs shopping along Ao Nang, massage and a good Tomyam dinner. My recommendation would be Madina Halal Food Restaurant just beside the Mosque as described below.

From this map, it should be on the left side of An Oman Mosque.

Front view of the humble restaurant.

Our humble Tomyam and Thai ice tea dinner.

Day 3

Krabi - Kuala Lumpur

600 Baht per car for taxi ride from Hotel to  Krabi Airport


- AIRPORT TRANSFER: We ended our Krabi trip and headed back to the airport as early as 5am. Be reminded to secure your transportation a night earlier and this is also available along Ao Nang. Do not be surprised that the agents knows the flight timetable and you will be advised with the time to head to the airport according to your flight time. The taxi fees are usually fixed among the agents and cheaper if your flight is after 7am.

- OTHER OPTION: Hire the same driver (from the Emerald Pool and Hotspring trip) to send you to the Airport with a pit-stop at Tesco Lotus near Krabi Town and lunch for 1000 Baht per car (half day rental). 
    • Krabi is a nice place if you want to have a weekend getaway with either your family and friends.
    • There are also other activities to do such as kayak to Ao Thalene, visit Tiger Cave Temple and you can explore other parts of Khao Phanom Bencha National Park and Thung Teao Forest Natural Park.
    • Krabi is recently known as a favorite place for rock climbing especially Railay Beach. There is also Railay Beach Viewpoint where you see the split of the island and beautiful sunset.
    • Halal food are abundance.
    • When looking for accommodation, you might want to check at the hotel's own website. Sometimes they offer cheaper prices compared to or
    Written by  Shazlina
    Photographed  Shazlina and  Lisa


    1. Hi all! Haven't been to Krabi yet... but it has been in my wishlist bucket for quite some times... he..he..
      Banana nutella pancake is a must ya, when u r in krabi? read about it a lot!

      1. Hi Farikica, have a tick on your bucketlist for Krabi, very recommended especially for the places and food. We went there last October just for the weekend. Hope we do help you planning for your Krabi trip. Thank you for reading :)

    2. Krabi is marvellous and excellent... Semua mesti cuba bercuti ke krabi

      1. Hi Muhammad. Yes Krabi is one amazing vacation destination. Tempat yang kena visit sekali seumur hidup. Rugi kalau tk p

    3. Replies
      1. the best bro Alissa! Thailand is place to go for kalau nk makan tomyam. Please makan hari-hari if you are in any part of Thailand. Hehe. Have a nice Krabi vacay.

    4. Cantiknyerrrr the Blue Lagoon!!! Last time g x sempat cover sini..huhu. Need to repeat Krabi nie..hihi

      1. Kami p Krabi sbb nk p Blue Lagoon Kak An. Should repeat Krabi again and p sana. Cantek sgt Subhanallah.

    5. Someday I will go to Krabi but I wanna try a cruise from Penang....someone?

      1. Hi Liza,

        By all means you should try. Have a safe trip to Krabi yea.

    6. 150 Baht je rupanya dari Airport ke Ao Nang.
      *Maaf kecek Melayu :)

      1. aah Hazwan. pegi Krabi mmg bole budget trip la :)

    7. Wah cantik beul krabi. Saya pernah pergi phuket sahaja. Tak ada peluang lagi nak lawat emerald lagoon tu

      1. Kitorang tk pernah pegi Phuket lg... nanti Radin try la g krabi. Cantik and murah. Emerald pool tu tmpat wajib kena pegi ok

    8. Haiiiiiiii i'm going there next week but tak book lagi island hopping. I'm staying in Krabi Town, is there any agent there? any tips?

      1. Hi Eddy. Kat area Ao Nang berderet agent dia. You bole jalan2 and boleh survey harga sbb price lain2 setiap agent. You kena pandai tawar menawar sbb mmg bole dpt murah. Pastu island hopping nie byk pakej dia ikt u nk pegi berapa pulau and full day atau half day and tanya include lunch ke tak. sbb ada yang dpt halal lunch skali.Island hopping nie depends on your budget and time as well. Have fun Krabi!

    9. lisa,
      roshikhin here.
      im going to krabi soon and am wondering how to get island hopping tour package that provides halal food?
      the tour fee usually includes lunch but not sure whether its halal or not.

      -roshikhin dzowahir-

      1. Hi Roshikhin. Shaz nie. Im replying on behalf of Lisa. Island hopping package is available along Ao Nang. you jln2 je kat Ao Nang tu ada byk agent kat tepi2 and u can survey the price. dia byk jenis depends on brapa pulau u nak and nk pegi for full day or half day. if nk p smpai pulau kat phuket pon ada and usually island hopping packages yg full day they will provide for lunch. No worries kebanyakkan agent mmg provide halal lunch sbb Krabi local and tourist byk muslim. But its good for you to ask them and confirm before booking. Tips for island hopping ada kat Day 2 of our post. Selamat membaca and selamat bercuti ke Krabi :)

      2. Hi Kin! Thanks for dropping by. I think Shaz basically answered your queries. Hehe. As for me, I didnt go on the tour sbb kitaorg sewa boat and makan sendiri kat boat vendors. The one pictured above is guaranteed halal by the local.

        Hope it helps.


    10. omaigod seriously cantik sgt!brape total u abes utk trip ni?
      thank youu!

      1. Salam Farah.

        Thank you so much for your credit. Budget utk ground ja tk masuk flight and hotel kami spent RM 215 utk transport and activities. Tu untuk 3 hari 2 mlm nya budget. Kalau utk flight and hotel you kena survey2 ikut your preference. Kami booked through Asiago ja senang flight ngan hotel skali tk pening.

    11. Lisa shaz! Aku ni meah haha tq tq byk tips dekat sini. aku nak p selasa ni. X zabarrrrrr nak p emerald pool tuuuu ��

      1. Hi MEAH!! Shaz nie. Thank you. Have fun in Krabi! tangkap byk gmbaq sumaiyah.

    12. I miss krabi a loooooooòoooooooot

      1. We missed Krabi too Zalikha Nashuha. Jom p lagi..

      2. We missed Krabi too Zalikha Nashuha. Jom p lagi..


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